Since 2016, we have been treating patients for a various ailments and diseases. Our clinic offers a quiet and tranquil environment and place where you are not only treated as a patient, but as a person who needs to be listened to and cared for. 



Our clinic offers free WiFi, complimentary Kangen water, and essential oils to help relax you before your treatment. Each treatment slot is one hour long, for new patients and existing patients so you never feel rushed in asking the questions you need and want to.

what to expect

Please come dressed to your appointment comfortably. Loose clothes are best as this gives more flexibility for you during the treatment. If you cannot come in comfortable clothes due to work or a prior engagement, we have robes and gowns for you to wear, so don't worry about that!  After the initial intake and paperwork, your pulse will be taken and tongue will be checked. In Oriental Medicine, the tongue and pulse reflect the health of the internal organs. Things such as the shape, texture, coating, force, and color are observed and all reflect different attributes and conditions about the organs of our body. After making a diagnosis, points will be selected that are unique to your condition and that will benefit you the most. The needles are left in for about 25-40 minutes depending on what condition you are being treated for. After the needles are taken out, you will be advised on what foods to avoid and incorporate into your diet and an herbal suggestion will be made if necessary.