Thank you Devin Moreno! Acupuncture and cupping results feel better than any massage I’ve ever had! Not only is the pain and stiffness gone, but I left feeling relaxed and happy! Most of you know I have herniated and bulged discs as well as scoliosis and stenosis. I’ve had treatment ranging from block injections to neuromuscular therapy and so far this seems to be the most beneficial. Thank you again and I’ll see you soon!
— Jessica Faith, Facebook
Best acupuncturist in town. Really do recommend it!
— Jasmine T, HealthGrades
This place is wonderful. I’ve had problem with my neck and shoulder for a while due to work for which I have to constantly look down. I tried chiropractor and massage therapy but those got really expensive over time and only offer a bandage to my problem. My original intention was to get some acupuncture to help with the pain but this place offer more than just a temporary fix. Mr. Moreno was very friendly and helpful. He suggests a proper treatment plan that I’m super satisfied with. I highly recommend this place for your pain treatment.
— Nicholas N, Yelp
I had an AMAZING time here! The staff is incredibly nice and actually care about getting you exactly what you need/want. This was my first time ever trying acupuncture and they made me feel comfortable and very relaxed. I would definitely recommend this place to a friend.
— Hayley D, Yelp
I was highly skeptical of eastern medicine but after years of fatigue and pain I decided to give acupuncture a try. I had amazing results and the care and customized plan I received has allowed me to live a life I once thought I would never see again. Thank you!
— Christian B, Yelp
I love this place! I’ve been going once a week for 5 weeks now and I love the environment and Devin is amazing! I came in pretty much out of options, in a ton of pain and just hoping for a little bit of relief; I was not expect to see such amazing results, im blown away. I use to suffer from debilitating body pain and horrible migraines on a daily basis, but by the second session i was dramatically better. I didn’t realize how bad i was until I started feeling normal. I fully recommend this place.
— Benz T, Yelp
Professional, wholistic, and focused on total wellness! I’ve been searching for an actupunctuist that well accept my insurance to help me with chronic pain (tendonitis, tendonosis) and this is the answer. Thank you!
— Mike L, Yelp
Dr. Moreno is the best acupuncturist in the coastal bend area. I am highly satisfied with his services and will recommend him to anyone looking to feel better.
— Estefany S, Yelp
Devin has truly helped me with my anxiety and depression that I have had for years. He told me it would be a process and would open doors for me as I continued my treatments. At first, it was a little hard to believe and trust in but as I continued my treatments, I have noticed that his positive energy has helped me heal and believe in myself again. Thank you Devin!!
— Monica S, HealthGrades
I have suffered from SEVERE migraines for 8 years now, These migraines leave me unable to move, see, and much more. When my migraines come on I am unable to do anything for a whole day. Being such a busy person with work, school, and general life it is hard for me just to be out for a few hours much less a day. After one treatment with Devin my migraines have totally subsided. I am going on one year without a migraine. He is very professional and knowledgeable I highly recommend him.
— Rhiannon R, HealthGrades
Devin is a true healer....????????
— Steph R, HealthGrades
Dr. Moreno is amazing. He is very professional, my husband and I have had multiple appointments with him and he continues to show his hospitality. He listens and gives us a range a choices to the best of his acknowledge. Our experience consulting with Dr. Moreno as left us feeling much better afterwards. He is such a profound Doctor. His techniques and advice are definitely worth the visits. We care about our health because he cares about our health. Thank you Dr. Moreno.
— Marcella G, Google
“Devin was amazing, he has a very calming presence. I have gotten acupuncture from other places in the past and he is definitely very good at what he does. Thank you so much Devin!!”
— Caitlyn Winters, Google
For the past several months, I have noticed an energy in my field that was making me feel very anxious. After our last session, I noticed that the chaotic energy was gone. For the first time in a very long time I woke up feeling a very deep sense of peace and calm. Wow!!! What a difference. I can’t thank you enough. You truly are a miracle worker!!
— Suzie Dawson
This patient was being treated for hypothyroidism and had thyroid levels that were not in normal range. After two months of acupuncture and herbal therapy, the patient’s levels stabilized and other blood values improved as well.

This patient was being treated for hypothyroidism and had thyroid levels that were not in normal range. After two months of acupuncture and herbal therapy, the patient’s levels stabilized and other blood values improved as well.