About Us

 Devin Moreno opened Paradigm Wellness in 2016 with the intent to bring holistic healing to his hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas and the Coastal Bend region. Since opening, Devin has treated thousands of patients with a variety of conditions ranging from chronic pain to infertility. While he is able to treat a multitude of illnesses and ailments, Devin specializes in dermatology and has a passion for skincare. Paradigm Wellness has consistently been rated the top acupuncture clinic in South Texas over the last five years and continues to hit new milestones. 

In 2020 alone, Paradigm Wellness helped 20 women achieve fertility by using acupuncture as a complementary therapy to IVF and helped over 25 individuals make a 100% recovery from Bell's Palsy.

In 2021, Paradigm Wellness treated over 800 veterans at no cost to them through the Va community care program.